2016 Symposium Recap

2016 Orthopaedic Division Symposium - Victoria B.C.

The 2016 edition of the Orthopaedic Division Symposium has come to pass. This year we had very inspirational keynote presentation from Simon Whitfield three time Olympian, 2000 Olympic Champion/gold medalist in triathlon. Simon payed tribute to the physiotherapists who play a key role in the success of Canadian athletes at the Olympic Games. With this being an Olympic year we thought it was fitting to salute the physiotherapists who are helping Canada’s athletes reach their goals in Rio this summer.

Symposium then moved on to the science behind exercise prescription with a brief but detailed review of exercise physiology from Dr. Delia Roberts. Delia presented on the physiological principles that need to be kept in mind when developing exercise programs for our patients. Dr. Jason Neva presented on the principles of motor learning, again to help guide our decision making in terms of exercise prescription. Dr. Neva touched on research in improved motor performance after aerobic exercise and how exercise regulated neuroplasticity can positively alter brain activity and motor function. Damien Moroney summed up the component on exercise prescription with a detailed presentation on how exercise is prescribed to athletes to return these athletes to their desired activities. Damien’s definition of an athlete as any patient who is motivated to work hard at getting better describes the vast majority of our patients, Olympians or not.

Symposium 2016’s final topic was the hip joint presented by David Lindsay, MSc. David presented on the biomechanics of the hip joint especially in walking and the importance of developing strength and control of the gluteus minimus muscle in proper function of the hip joint. Helping patients who have hip pathology including osteoarthritis develop strength and control of the gluteus minimus muscle is paramount in non-surgical and post-surgical treatment of the hip joint. Dr. Tim Kostamo, orthopaedic surgeon described arthroscopic hip surgery and what type of patient is an appropriate candidate for this very difficult surgical procedure. Dr. Kostamo is a big proponent of the role of physiotherapists in treating the hip both non-operatively and post-surgically. Symposium 2016 was closed off by Dr. Roman Krawetz, Canada Research Chair in stem cell biology. Dr. Krawetz described the role of synovial stem cells in the repair of articular cartilage and the dysfunction of this repair in osteo-arthritis. Dr. Krawetz’research is dedicated to finding how to restore the normal function of synovial stem cells and repair or regenerate osteoarthritic joints.

We, the executive of the Orthopaedic Division thank all of our speakers of Symposium 2016 for your excellent presentations. Thank you to all of you who attended Symposium 2016.

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