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Mar-Apr 2017 -Electrophysical Agents: To use or not to useā€¦

Electrophysical Agents (EPA) or modalities like ultrasound (US), interferential current (IFC), and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve...

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  • Report from Chair

    We are three weeks away from our face-to-face Strategic Planning in Ottawa! We have been email and teleconference crazy, in preparation to establish our Draft strategic priorities along with associated activities.

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  • Clinical Commentary

    Commentary: Therapeutic Electrophysical Agents:

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  • Original Submission

    Facilitating the therapeutic benefits of electrophysical agents using appropriate dosage and parameter settings

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  • Student Submission

    Shockwave Therapy

    Modalities: A Students Perspective

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Featured Articles
  • Usage Patterns and Beliefs about Therapeutic Ultrasound by Canadian Physical Therapists: An Exploratory Population-Based Cross-Sectional Survey

    Jessica J. Wong, BSc, DC, FCCS(C) et al.

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  • Contraindications and Precautions: An Evidence-Based Approach to Clinical Decision Making in Physical Therapy

    Susan Armijo-Olivo, PhD; Jorge Fuentes, C. PT, MSc RS, PhD; Iain Muir, PT, MSc PT; Douglas P. Gross, PhD

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  • Are manual therapies, passive physical modalities, or acupuncture effective for the management of patients with whiplash-associated disorders or neck pain and associated disorders?

    Pamela E. Houghton, PhD, BScPT, Ethne L. Nussbaum, PhD, MEd, BScPT, Alison M. Hoens, MSc, BScPT, PG Sports PT

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