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Nov - Dec 2013 - Myofascial Pain
What is your comfort level with treating myofascial dysfunction? What techniques do you use? What techniques are the most effective? We were inspired in creation of this edition of the Orthopaedic Division Review by the theme of next year’s symposium, where myofascial pain and treatment will have a significant seat at the table. Consider this a primer for great things to come!
Nov - Dec 2013 Volume 26, No. 4

Well, Halloween and Thanksgiving are over and Christmas is just around the corner.

1. Tension-Type-Headache treated by Positional Release Therapy: A case report
Marzieh Mohamadi, Ali Ghanbari*, Abbas Rahimi jaberi
2. Etiology of Myofascial Trigger Points
Carel Bron & Jan D. Dommerholt

3. Treatment of myofascial trigger points in patients with chronic shoulder pain: a randomized, controlled trial
Carel Bron1,2*, Arthur de Gast3, Jan Dommerholt4, Boudewijn Stegenga5, Michel Wensing1, Rob AB Oostendorp1
4. Effectiveness of Myofascial Trigger Point Manual Therapy Combined With a Self-Stretching Protocol for the Management of Plantar Heel Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Romulo Renan-Ordine, PT Do1, Francisco Alburquerque-Sendin Pt PhD 2 , Daiana priscila Rodrigues De Souza PT3, Joshua A.Cleland, PT Phd4, Cesar Fernandez-De-Las-Penas Pt,Phd5

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A Case Study Involving Myofascial Symptoms Following a Motor Vehicle Collision and Their Treatment with Manual Therapy and Intramuscular Stimulation

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