Orthopaedic Division Review


Report from the Chair

Dear OD members,

Spring is in the air… and a busy time for the Orthopeadic Division.

We are currently gathering information for our strategic planning session. By now you all should have received an invitation to complete the member survey. The deadline for completion is March 28th and we value your opinion and appreciate your time in helping us with this planning process.

Planning and work continues on our educational day attached to the instructors meeting October 13th 2018, Symposium 2019, including the new website among other projects.

The February DCC meetings were productive, more positive and collaborative. No changes were made. The short-term system of cost allocation is in effect for 2018. The working group, with representatives from the DCC, Board and CPA, has been established. The focus of the working group is to develop a long-term plan that will include along-term method of cost allocation for services used by each division and recommendations for the management of division accumulated reserves through centralization. The working group is aiming to complete this task by the end of May 2018. At that time we will provide a more detailed update. The DCC has also tasked the Board liaison to ensure that the DCC has a voice at Board meetings.

Finally, concussion is a common injury in sport and recreation, affecting all ages and concussion research and public awareness has grown drastically over recent years, becoming a popular topic in many circles. As physiotherapists, we have a key role to play in the multidisciplinary diagnosis and management of concussion and it’s comorbidities. Your ODR is packed with information and resources to guide your practice of treating concussion – happy reading!

Alison Beaton, PT
Chair - Orthopaedic Division of CPA

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