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Report from the Chair

Happy belated New Year!

I hope that 2018 is treating everyone well and that you are enjoying or escaping winter!

We, in conjunction with CAMPT, are happy to announce we will host a Mini-Symposium in conjunction with the instructors meetings in Calgary in October. Our next full Symposium will be held in June2019. Details for both these events to follow.

We are looking forward to continuing our strategic plan face to face in Ottawa in April. During that time, among other priorities, we hope to continue exploration of making the Executive Director position a reality.

The website development is coming closer to completion.

I am sure many of you are patiently awaiting further updates regarding CPA’s proposed financial changes. Over the past weeks the Division Chair’s Committee (DCC) and I have had extensive communication with CPA and the Board. The push back BradBrookmanand the Board received from our membership was surprising to them - and effective. Brad has commented that he has never received such feedback from other organisations. Thank you all for raising your voices!

The previous proposed plan has now been put on hold. CPA is working on an updated proposal for cost allocation for 2018 as a short-term solution. Nothing is being implemented currently. At the DCC meetings in February, CPA hopes to establish a working group, with reps from the Divisions, the National Office, and the Board, to develop a long-term plan for cost allocation for the Divisions. Centralisation of finances is still part of the plan, however Brad has become more clear and consistent regarding the need to ensure funds which currently belong to individual divisions will remain under the control of the division.

Vince will attend the February DCC meetings, as the date fell exactly on my due date. However, my daughter,Maili Elise, made an early appearance therefore I hope to attend electronically.

Leading up the PyeongChang 2019 Olympics (Feb 9th – 25th) it seems fitting to discuss chronic ankle instability in this edition of the ODR. Ankle sprains are the most common injury in sports, estimated to be ~25% of all injuries across sports.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine looked at incidence of injury after the Vancouver 2010 and the Sochi 2014 Games.Freestyle skiing, ski aerials and bobsleigh take home the prize for Most Dangerous Winter Olympic events (likely not all ankles…).

I recommend reading your ODR while balancing on one foot…Enjoy!


Chair, National Orthopaedic Division

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