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Report from the Chair

Dear Members,

We are three weeks away from our face-to-face Strategic Planning in Ottawa! We have been email and teleconference crazy, in preparation to establish our Draft strategic priorities along with associated activities. Admittedly, this has been quite an undertaking as we try to examine and make informed projections about environmental realities to help our Division anticipate and respond to change in order to benefit our membership. We’re towards the end of our third stage of prep work as outlined by our facilitator.

Chair Elect, Alison Beaton, attended the DCC winter meetings in Toronto early February. Once again, a productive meeting to discuss and move forward with joint initiative projects such as membership/student engagement, as well as taking part in a Knowledge Translation workshop put on by the DKMC. The CPA anticipates another Leadership Forum in 2019, which reflects the biennial Congress on alternate years. CPA is also moving forward with their strategic planning, which is to include all Division, Board, and Branch stakeholders over this year. They have engaged all the Divisions to take part in a survey to prioritize initiatives. There has been confirmed ability to now hold eAGMs. This has been done successfully and will be considered by our Division over the next few months.

I would like to welcome and introduce our newest Orthopaedic Division Student Representative, Zachary Weber from McGill University. He has a M.Sc. in Kinesiology and is currently in the M.Sc. Physical Therapy program at McGill University. Zachary has expressed great motivation to advocate, not only for his student peers, but also “by speaking up for individuals or situations which require more attention, and sharing these issues with the student population who are eager and ambitious to get involved.” He has become a leader amongst his colleagues by coordinating leadership development workshops in collaboration with McGill University’s Campus Life and Engagement. His predecessor, Anthony Teoli, has now graduated from this physical therapy program and is continuing NOD work in our Communications Subcommittee, while beginning his practice career.

I would like to remind everyone to read their NOD Info Blast. We are continuing to email these to you to ensure you receive ongoing updates from us. There are important notices, education updates, reminders, and award opportunity notifications. There is also always a call for members to sit on committees for NOD!

October 20-22, 2017!!! Save these dates!!! If you haven’t heard yet, the Orthopaedic Division and CAMPT are joining forces to bring you Symposium 2017!
This will be held in London, ON. Check in to for all the details and registration.

Happy reading everyone!


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Chair, National Orthopaedic Division


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