Orthopaedic Division Review


Report from the Chair

Dear Members,

It's been a privilege to serve this executive for you. I am very pleased with the direction of the Division and to have been a part of establishing collaborative relationships, building our strategic plan, and with that increasing our transparency and revisiting our governance, and lastly renewing our annual symposium. I encourage you all to continue to provide us feedback, as I know you are all passionate and we rely on your opinion to ensure your membership remains valuable. Keep this momentum. Stronger, together. Always forward, forward always.


Past Chair, National Orthopaedic Division

Dear members,

Thank you to all who attended Symposium 2017. We certainly feel we lived up our theme, ‘Stronger Together’. Throughout the weekend I received many positive comments and we continue to receive positive feedback via email. It was also incredible to have 25 degrees and sunshine in late October! Stay tuned for our plan for upcoming years….
Our AGM was attended by 159 members in person and 5 electronically. We especially appreciate your vocal feedback to Brad Bookman regarding the proposed financial changes. If you would like to continue to contribute feedback to CPA please feel free to reach out to Brad Bookman at T: 613-564-5454, x214 or You may also contact the board through president, Sarah Marhsall, at cc NOD ( on any electronic communication so that we can keep track of member sentiments.

We would like to THANK outgoing members,Julie Shrearer and Allison Ezzat for their dedication and commitment to the NOD. We would also like to WELCOME our newest members, Emma Plater, our new DKMC, and Kristen Lemmon, our new Junior Editor.

As we approach a new year, NOD will continue to build on our strategic planning goals to increase our promotion of syllabus courses, improve communication between NOD and our provincial sections, update our governance, and continue ‘investigation’ of hiring an executive director.

Enjoy the ODR!

Alison Beaton, PT
Chair, National Orthopaedic Division


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