Technology and Physiotherapy Practice

Editorial to 2012 Interdivisional Review

Technology is advancing and changing every day. While many aspects of our clinical practice may feel the same, this year's Interdivisional Review, produced by the DRRC, a subcommittee of the CPA Division Chairs group, aims to illustrate examples of how technology is already changing our clinical practice, as well as possibilities for future advancements and improvements in the way we deliver and manage care.

Techno-PT, submitted on behalf of the Neurosciences Division, discusses the clinical utility of a gait measurement tool, including examples of how its use can influence and improve clinical decision making. The Senior's Health Division submission looks at new technologies that have the potential to provide more accurate outcome measurement after total hip arthroplasty. The Cardiorespiratory Division submission discusses home monitoring of rehabilitation programs in individuals with chronic lung disease. The role of exergaming in the prevention of cancer is discussed in the Oncology Division submission. Are you concerned or excited by the potential of electronic medical records? Read the Private Practice Division's submission to better understand the advantages of using patient management systems.

Rehabilitative ultrasound imaging is discussed in two of the submissions in this year's Interdivisional Review, with submissions from the Orthopaedic Division and Women's Health Division. The evolving use of technology in injury surveillance is discussed in the Sport Division submission. The role of distance education to promote professional education is the focus of the submission from the Animal Rehab Division, while international collaboration using currently available technology is presented in the International Health Division's submission. The Acupuncture Division presents a case of Electroacupuncture as a treatment option, with relevance to various areas of clinical practice.

As you can see from the diverse articles submitted for this year's Interdivisional Review, technological advances are allowing for new and unique physiotherapy assessment and treatment strategies to be employed in practice. We hope you enjoy this issue,

Meena M. Sran PT, PhD and Kathryn Schneider PT, DSc
Co-Chairs, Divisions Research Representatives Committee (DRRC), CPA