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Sep - Oct 2014 - Interdivisional Collaboration 1: Vestibular Rehabilitation

As the seasons chart to change (summer seems to just be starting in South-West Ontario!), we begin our new cycle of the Orthopaedic Division Review. First, I would like to say a warm welcome to Evelyn Etruw, our new Junior Editor of the ODR, and Tyler Friesen, the new treasurer of the National Orthopaedic Division’s executive.

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  • Report from Chair

    Since June of this year, at the AGM in Edmonton, I have taken over the Chair position for the National Orthopaedic Division (NOD), of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), from Dr. Michael Westaway.

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  • Case Study

    Cervicogenic Dizziness: Can dizziness originate from the neck?

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  • Clinical Tidbits

    The Current State of Advanced Physiotherapy Practice

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  • Original Submissions

    The Researcher-Clinician Connection: Linking Physiotherapists to Facilitate Knowledge Translation

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Featured Articles
  • Recovery after acute unilateral vestibular loss and predictors for remaining symptoms

    Ann-Sofi C. Kammerlind, RPT, PhD a,b,*, Torbjörn E.A. Ledin, MD, PhD c, Lars M. Ödkvist, MD, PhD d, Elisabeth I.B. Skargren, RPT, PhD b

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  • Vestibular and stabilometric findings in whiplash injury and minor head trauma

    A. NAcci, M. FerrAzzi, S. BerrettiNi, e. PANicucci 1, J. MAtteucci, L. BruSchiNi, F.urSiNo, B. FAttori eNt, Audiology and Phoniatrics unit, 1Department of Neurosciences, Department of experimental Pathology, university of Pisa, italy

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  • Cervicovestibular rehabilitation in sport-related concussion: a randomised controlled trial

    Kathryn J Schneider,1,2 Willem H Meeuwisse,1,3 Alberto Nettel-Aguirre,2,3,4 Karen Barlow,2 Lara Boyd,5 Jian Kang,1 Carolyn A Emery 1,2,3

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